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Summer Temps are rising and Russell County Sheriff's Office
wishes everyone a very safe summer.

When summer arrives and the temperatures start rising, so does the risk of heat-related injuries in animals and children left in vehicles. Here are five animal and child car safety tips to keep everyone safe this summer. 

  • Never leave children in the car, even to run a quick errand. In just three minutes in the sun, car interior temperatures can heat up from 78 to 100 degrees, putting your kids in danger of hyperthermia or heatstroke.
  • Don't take your pooch "on a ride" if they can't come inside. If you are driving to destinations where you cannot bring your pet inside with you, don't bring them in the first place. Leaving them alone in a hot car will only put them at serious risk. According to PETA.org, pets can suffer serious injuries when left in a hot car for only 15 minutes. 
  • Use the drive-thru when possible. If one is available, a drive-thru is a great way to stay in the air-conditioned car with your children or pets. No drive-thru? Take your children with you or leave pets at home.
  • Open the back door of your car each time you park to ensure all passengers are out of the vehicle. When schedules are crazy and you are in a hurry, you may forget to double check that your children or pets are safely out of the car. Even if you remember several minutes later, your kids can be put in serious danger in a hot car.
  • Make sure your car is always locked. Prevent your child from playing in a hot car that is parked in your driveway or garage by ensuring that they cannot get into the car. Keep any car keys and keyless entry remotes in a safe place where your kids cannot access them. 

    Remember, warm temperatures put your child or pet at a greater risk of heatstroke or hyperthermia when left in a hot car during summer. Please keep your little ones and your furry ones, protected at all times. 

    Sheriff Heath Taylor
    Russell County Sheriff's Office